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About Us

Royal Travels is a leading multifaceted company that provides safest, convenient, affordable, efficient and high quality intercity bus services in India. Started by Mr Luley with a mission of connecting our passenger with the people, places, and services that enhance the quality and enjoyment of their lives by providing equipment, technology, professional knowledge and experience required to manage and operate safe, comfortable, and cost efficient transportation system which is affordable and safe.


• Are Pioneer of quality service and modern, sophisticated, comfortable, latest technology fleet.

• Do not make frequent changes in their ticket price.

• Do not allow excess number of passengers beyond their capacity.

• Work according to first come first serve basis in all respects.

• Have immediate replacement in the event of vehicle malfunction.

• Have experienced, efficient and industrious employees at all levels.

• Wide network of offline and online booking spokes for convenient and easy booking

We assure you, once you experience Royal, you will not be able to travel elsewhere. that is the USP of our goodwill.

So keep travelling. and Enjoy the Difference being with Royal Travels!!!

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